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Religious Education

Head of Department

Mrs Helen Eagles


Subject Staff

Miss Helen Lloyd



Description of Subject

As a core subject, we teach all pupils in years 7-11.

RE aims to teach pupils to:

  • Understand and respect different religious and ethical life stances, understand how these influence the individual, society and community, and make assured and informed judgements about them.
  • Explore issues within and across faiths and consider questions of meaning and purpose of life.
  • Reflect and evaluate on their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences in the light of learning and develop a sense of identity in preparation for adult life.


Accommodation and Resources

We have access to a massive range of resources and teach using a variety of different styles.


Key Stage 3

  • Outline of Course
  • Homework
  • Assessment
  • Equipment Required


Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes and receive 1 lesson a week.

Year 7

  • Why study religions?
  • The Island
  • The Environment and the Sacred
  • Aspects of Christianity

Year 8

  • Islamic vision
  • Creation, injustice and the work of Christian Aid
  • What is it like to be Jewish?

Year 9

  • Why do we suffer
  • Jewish responses to the Holocaust


Key Stage 4

  • Outline of Course
  • Exam boards
  • Homework
  • Coursework
  • Assessment
  • Equipment Required
  • Resources
  • Important Dates


The full Course GCSE is split into two units.

Year 10 - Edexcel Religion and Society

Students study issues from the perspective of Christianity, Judaism and their own personal beliefs.

Religion: Rights and Responsibilities

Religion: Environmental and Medical Issues

Religion: Peace and Conflict

Religion: Crime and Punishment

This is examined with a 1.5 hour exam at the end of Year 10 in May.

Year 11 - Edexcel Religion and Life

Students student issues from the perspective of Christianity and their own personal beliefs.

Marriage and the family

Religion and Community Cohesion

Matters of Life and Death

Believing in God

This is examined with a 1.5 hour exam at the end of Year 11 in May.


Departmental Successes



2010-11 results                       2009-10 results

A*/A = 20%                                A*/A = 30%

A* - C = 68%                              A*- C = 69.5%


Extra –Curricular Activities




Year 7

Trip to Winchester or Salisbury Cathedral

Opportunity to Participate in the National Spirited Arts competition

Year 8

Trip to a local Mosque

Trip to Bournemouth Synagogues

Year 9

Trip to the Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

Holocaust survivor talk in school.

Year 10 and 11

Revision sessions before the exams.


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