Performing Arts

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Head of Faculty: Mr. R Lester
Subject Staff: Mr. J Carrington, Miss. E Parry, Mrs. S Alderman, Miss. K Sagar

Images taken by Jon Ball
Images taken by Jon Ball

Testbourne has been a specialist school for Performing Arts since 2005, and our aim is to provide students with as many opportunities to perform on professional platforms. We feel strongly that the Performing Arts can offer something for all, so we therefore aim to offer something for all. Students in every year group have the opportunity to shine on stage as dancers, actors, singers and musicians, and also behind the scenes, taking on roles as lighting designers, sound technicians, stage managers and set designers. The following departments make up the Performing Arts Faculty, please click on the following links for further information.

Dance Drama Music

The Performing Arts Faculty lead a whole school musical every year and our most recent productions include ‘Oliver’ (Testbourne Theatre Hall – 2015), ‘Honk!’ (Testbourne Theatre Hall – 2014) and ‘Our House’ (Haymarket Theatre – 2013). Extra curricular activities play a prominent part in school life, with a wide range of groups including Concert Orchestra, Bella Voce (auditioned girls’ choir), Flute Choir, String and Brass Ensemble, Spectrum Dance Company and Testbourne Technicians. We have a full-time Performing Arts Technician and a part-time Administrator to help run and support concerts, events, workshops and peripatetic music lessons. We organise a biennial foreign music tour, allowing pupils to achieve a sense of achievement by performing in public, experience a different culture and to improve team work, commitment and discipline. We went on tour to Italy in 2013 and Spain in 2015 and we are planning another visit to Lake Garda, Italy in July 2017. We participate in a number of community events such as performing at local fetes and festivals, such as the Winchester Hat Fair and PTFA events and we also participate in external events such as Rock Challenge, Shakespeare School Festival and the Basingstoke Music Festival with first place for our renowned choir Bella Voce in 2014.

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Head of Performing Arts Faculty and Music: Ryan Lester:

Head of Drama: Johnny Carrington:

Teacher in charge of Dance: Ellie Parry:

Teacher of Music: Stephanie Alderman:

Performing Arts Administrator: Kirsty Sagar:

Performing Arts Technician: Sam Cartwright:

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Performing Arts Office: 01256 890223


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Friends of the Performing Arts Group

This is a friends and family support group for the Performing Arts Faculty at Testbourne. Members help support our productions and events by helping to arrange costumes and props, supporting with refreshments and front of house, constructing sets and coming up with fund raising ideas. They are very important to us and our productions and events would not be as good without them. If you would like to become a member, please contact Ryan Lester by email at or telephone on 01256 890223.

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