Physical Education

Staffing and Role

Mr G. Archer – Head of P.E.
Mr J. Burge – Teacher of P.E. – NQT
Mr K. Alderman – Teacher of P.E./Maths; Head of Beech
Miss V. O’Shea – Teacher of P.E.
Miss E. Parry – Teacher of Dance and P.E.
Mrs E. Vallance – Teacher of P.E.
Mrs J. O’Connell – Teacher of P.E. and Health & Social Care
Mr J. Lovegrove – Assistant Headteacher; Teacher of P.E.

Vision Statement

In Physical Education, students develop advanced skills and apply them to a variety of situations and sports; they lead their peers and take on roles and responsibilities to build character and resilience, and they are inspired to continue physical activity into later life.

KS3 Curriculum

Students will participate in most/all of the following:

Athletics Netball
Badminton Problem Solving / Orienteering
Basketball Rounders
Fitness Rugby
Football Swimming / Personal Survival

Across the two years there is an increase in the difficulty of skills required and the amount of responsibility that students take on. Using the concept of sport education, most activities allow for students to take on different roles and responsibilities within a team.

KS4 Curriculum

Students who wish to take part in a sport/physical activity-based examinable subject can opt to study a V Cert in Health & Fitness, which runs through until Year 11. All students take part in ‘core’ P.E. lessons, with activities broadly similar to those listed for Years 7 and 8.

All students are expected to take part in core P.E. lessons (currently two hours per week). Students follow an options-based system where activities are selected approximately every four weeks. The emphasis is very much upon allowing students to experience a wider variety of sports which may sustain their levels of activity beyond their time at Testbourne. Activities offered are as follows:

Athletics Football Lacrosse Rugby  Ultimate Frisbee
Badminton Futsal Multigym / Weight Training Softball Unihoc
Basketball Golf Netball Table Tennis Volleyball
Dodgeball Gymball  Pilates Tennis Yoga
Fitness Handball Rounders Trampolining Zumba

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is a wide range of sports available for students to take part in during lunchtimes – the timetable is updated every half-term. For further details, please visit the ‘News & Activities’ tab on the website homepage, and select ‘Extra-Curricular’.
In addition to the above, there are opportunities for students to compete against other schools in the following sports and activities throughout the year. Selection for teams is based upon commitment and dedication.

Quotes from Students

“I like P.E. because of the roles we take on – it gives everyone a fair chance to take the lead and build confidence. I enjoy P.E. because of the involvement; they also give everyone information in a way they will enjoy.”
“I love P.E. because it is a great chance to try new sports and all of the teachers are so amazing. It’s definitely my favourite lesson.”
“I love P.E. – it’s so active and always involves everyone.”