Emergency Closure

In the event of severe weather, the school will endeavour to remain open. However, there may be times when this proves impossible e.g.

  • If there are dangerous travel conditions
  • If we have insufficient staff or are unable to provide school meals.
  • If the school site is unsafe

A decision to close will be made as early as possible but this may not be until 8:00 a.m. when we know which staff have been able to get into school.

If a decision to close is made, we will communicate in the following ways, with messages:

  • By text to parents on day 1, as early as possible.
  • on Testbourne Community School website
  • Vist HCC Education website 
  • on Local Radio stations – e.g. Basingstoke Breeze, Bizz Basingstoke, Heart FM, Radio Solent, The Breeze – Andover.

If there is no message the school is open or a decision is yet to be made.

  • Please do not phone the school as this prevents us from making and receiving essential calls, especially contact with staff.
  • Students should check on Studywiz to see if work has been set – and then complete it whilst they are at home.
  • If the closure happens when there is a GCSE external examination, the school will be open for students due to take the exam.

If school is able to open in inclement weather, you must decide if it is safe for your child to travel and ensure they are properly dressed for the conditions.