The school’s policies are available as PDF files to view and download by clicking on a link. The school provides a comprehensive range of effective policies that provide a sound basis for more detailed actions and give a clear direction to Testbourne School. All our policies are reviewed annually by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body.

Policy Date Reviewed
TCS Code of Conduct for Contact  N/A
Anti Bullying Policy  May 2018
Attendance Policy  May 2018
Behaviour Management  April 2016
Child Protection Policy  May 2018
Complaints Policy  May 2018
Data Protection Policy  May 2018
Drugs Policy  February 2018
Equality Policy  January 2017
Homework Policy  February 2018
Marking, Assessment and Feedback Policy  February 2018
More Able Policy  February 2018
Privacy Notices: Parents  |  Students  |  Staff  |  Volunteers  | Job Applicants May 2018
Reviews of Coursework Marking Procedure  N/A
Freedom of Information Policy  June 2016
Health and Safety Policy  March 2017
Home/School Agreement  June 2016
Safeguarding Policy  May 2018
Sex Education Policy June 2016
Social Media Policy  April 2017
Special Educational Needs Policy  February 2018
Trips & Visits Insurance Policy  N/A