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Art & Design

Staffing and Role:

Ms Brown

Head of Art and Photography

Mrs Horner

Teacher of Art and Photography

Vision Statement:

Art & Design is a fundamental part of education and the Curriculum at Testbourne Community School (TCS).

It is a means to communicate and respond to the world around us, as well as, designing and making the world beautiful!

Art allows students to develop both personal and employability skills in creative thinking, problem-solving, independence, organisation, critical thinking skills such as complex analysis, self-discipline and fine-motor skills. At Testbourne we teach the core values as well as the enjoyment for our subject, through a range of different projects and different cultural references and starting points.

Students are introduced to a wide variety of different processes, techniques and media in order to support students in expressing themselves, including drawing, painting, print-making, collage, 3D and clay.

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7 we go through key elements of Art including, Line, Tone, Colour and Texture. In Year 8 we will complete a range of projects, looking at different artists and cultures. We explore different materials including drawing, painting, collage, photography, Adobe Photoshop and clay.

KS4 Curriculum

KS4 Students have the option of taking either GCSE Art & Design or GCSE Art Photography (AQA) and will join a high performing department where both subjects are consistently highly subscribed. We, therefore, demand the best from our students, both academically and artistically. The GCSE is marked from both a Portfolio of work (Unit 1: 60%) and the Exam project (Unit 2: 40%). Students have the opportunity to exhibit some of their work, inviting parents, staff, and members of the public to view the excellent work produced.

In Art & Design we cover many of the basics, whilst challenging and introducing new medias and techniques. You will given more freedom of choice as you personalise your own projects and become more independent with your work.

In Art Photography we will teach you how to use a Canon DSLR camera and how to edit images using Photoshop CS5. Like Art & Design you will be given more freedom of which starting point or which artist(s) you chose to use in projects.

Extra-Curricular and Activities:

We offer a number of different clubs for all abilities and all year groups. These include Clay Club, Art Club, Photography Club and KS4 Support Sessions. We also run various competitions and challenges throughout the year. GCSE students also have the opportunity to go on a daytrip to create site-specific work for their projects and to gain an insight on working in the real world.

Career Prospects:

Both GCSEs could lead to the following possible careers: Animator, Illustrator, Fine Artist, Curator, Advertising, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Architecture, Beautician, Stage Designer, Photo-journalism, Jewellery Designer, Textile Designers, Fashion, Film and so much more.