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Final days in Uganda!

We had a later start today.  We woke up at 7:00am and had breakfast at 7.30am. Then we went on a long trip to Lake Victoria.  On the way we went to a rhino sanctuary where we were able to follow rhino tracks with our guides and saw a mother called Malaika with her seven month old baby rhino and a nearby male.  We got really close!  During the final part of the journey to Lake Victoria, we used our time up well by writing either a poem, song or rap about our trip to Uganda, to be performed on Friday for Dodie and Jan.  We arrived at Lake Victoria at about 7:00pm. 

Tomorrow we make our return journey to Entebbe to catch our flight back to the UK via Brussels and we land back in the UK on Saturday morning. Before we go we will have a boat trip on Lake Victoria to visit the Chimpanzee sanctuary. What an incredible trip we have all had!

Written by Charlie