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Day 1 and 2 – arriving at Entebbe, into Kampala and on to Mityana

Saturday 19th October 2019

After waking up very early we all travelled to Heathrow airport to arrive at 5am where we said goodbye to our families. We then checked in and our flight departed at 6:50 to Brussels; it was here that we transferred to a different flight which was direct to Entebbe, Uganda. We all felt very tired when we arrived at Entebbe. We then travelled by bus to Banana Village which is where we spent our first night. Most of us slept very well and enjoyed our stay and, although we didn’t see the monkeys, we certainly heard them.

Sunday 20th October 2019

In the morning, we met up with Dodie Marsden, who is the director of the Mityana Projects Trust. After a delicious breakfast we went on an hour bus journey to Kampala where we went to a bank to exchange our money into the local currency. We were very surprised about the amount of money we got. After that we headed to a market, the adults advised us to bargain with people to get lower prices, which we all did with huge success. We all brought gifts for our friends and family to say thank you. This experience was both fun and difficult as it was a new experience but it was fun to bargain, experience the new culture and look around at different shops. After, a lovely picnic lunch we travelled by bus to The Enro Hotel Mityana.

Post written by Evie and Charlie