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Tap Dance World Cup Gold Winner

In June of this year, I was lucky enough to selected as part of Team GB, to represent my country in the International Dance Organisations Tap Dance World Cup. Training took place every weekend at our training centre in Swindon. The World Cup took place in Riesa, Germany in November. The competition was a week-long with quarter and semi-finals to negotiate before qualifying for the finals at the end of the week. It was a truly global event, the USA and Canada had the largest teams, and most of Europe was very well represented, but it was lovely to have teams from all corners of the globe – Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the Ukraine to name a few. The week was exciting, but gruelling, getting to the stadium before 9am and leaving between 10pm and midnight. Fortunately, we had a team doctor to monitor our diets and our rest times – keeping us fit mentally and physically. Our hard work paid off and I won a Gold Medal as part of the Junior Formation Team. Standing on the podium to receive my medal and listen to our national anthem was a very proud moment. Above all, Team GB won best overall team – awarded for teamwork and sportsmanship as well as dedication to excellence in Tap Dance.

 - Izzy,  Year 10 student at TCS