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Eco Action at TCS

The Eco action team strive to make the school a more environmentally friendly site. As a community school we not only have to look after the local area but also the wider environment. Scientists suggest we have already reached some environmental tipping points (the point of no return) this will greatly affect all of us, especially the students at school because they have their whole lives ahead of them. For these reasons, the Eco action team has put into place many projects to help reduce the school’s impact. We now have stationary recycling wallets in all the classrooms, where we collect and then send off pens, highlighters, glue sticks, etc. to be recycled. We now have an online presence, with our own site on the school's office 365 system for students to access information about how they can reduce their impact and find out what we are doing. We're also putting into motion a project to put plants in all the classrooms to make the school environment a greener and happier place. 

Going forward, we would like to thank everyone who has co-operated with us in projects such as the stationary recycling, and we would like to emphasise the importance of maintaining this Eco Mindset at home as well as school. Especially with Christmas coming up, we all need to think  a little greener when making our decisions. 


The Eco Action Team.