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Year 5s discover something new at Testbourne

On Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th July, Year 5 students from local schools (both feeder and non-feeder) came to Testbourne for an experience day. The theme was discovery and the students spent the day discovering new skills, knowledge and facts about Testbourne. They took part in 4 sessions from a choice of Art, Dance, Drama, DT, Food, Music, PE, Science, Textiles and were expertly guided through the day by our Year 9 helpers. Here are some quotes from the Year 5s and pictures from the day.

Art - This was amazing! I enjoyed making things with sellotape and tissue paper.

Dance - I learnt what a canon is and how to perform one. I liked being a ninja!

Drama - I discovered improvisation and we were stranded on a desert island

DT - I enjoyed DT because I loved making a sea creature that hasn’t been discovered

Food - I discovered the different parts of eggs and the meringues were delicious.

French - I discovered new body parts in French and I loved the monster hunt.

Geography - We looked at the currents in the ocean and how that could cause pollution and I discovered that people leave barbeques on Hawaiian beaches

Music - I learnt that synthesizers were used in films for sound effects and I enjoyed making my own music

PE - I enjoyed PE because I love running and I discovered how to play scatterball

Science - I enjoyed the experiments using space dust. Finally getting the chance to mix chemicals together and using ACID!

Textiles - You can make cool things from different fabrics