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Semi-Final Week in the Testbourne Bakeoff 2020

It was semi-final week in the Testbourne Bakeoff 2020 and the bakers had their biggest challenge yet.  Bread! And not just any bread, an eight strand plait!

To ensure that the dough had time to prove, the bakers came in during lunch time to make their dough.  When they arrived after school they were then given the instructions and one hour to make the eight strand plait.  The results were excellent as you can see in the photos and head judge Marc was really impressed with the consistency of the bread dough.

Star baker this week was Ayodimeji Kehinde – brilliant bread skills Dimeji!

Sadly we had to lose two bakers and so are down to just 5 for the final.  The finalists are: Lottie Harrison, Tilly Piper, Evie Barry, Dimeji Kehinde and Ellis Taylor – Good Luck Bakers!

(The final will be held on Thursday 27th February)