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Impressive performances from GCSE Musicians

Family and friends supported GCSE Music students in two concerts staged for them on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th February. The concerts took place in the Theatre Hall and were an opportunity for students to show courage in their learning by performing live on stage.

GCSE music students from year 9 – 11 performed; their brief was to learn an ensemble piece by reading from a notated score that presented both a technical challenge and a high level of demand. This saw students rise to the occasion by showing ambition; some year 9s performed pieces at grade 5 and 6 and some year 10 and 11s performed at grade 8 (the highest grade recognised by exam boards for practical music). Performances ranged from classical instrumental duets to music theatre vocal duets and rock bands. For some year 11 students, this was their final showcase before their performance exams next week, in which we wish them well.

Many parents emailed in to say how impressed they were with the performances, one commented: “WOW! What a show. The students were excellent and did such a great job.” Congratulations to all the musicians who took part and well done to the music prefects for helping with stage management and backstage.

Our next big music event will be TestFest which will take place on Saturday 27th June from 12 to 4pm. We are very much looking forward to this as our musicians from Year 10 and 11, who are off to Spain on the music tour for a week, will be playing their set.

Donations from this event raised £314 which will go towards the maintenance of the Theatre Hall as well as £100 for the PTFA who served refreshments. Thanks to all those who supported and donated money and we hope to see you at TestFest!