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Time Table Rock Stars

Dear Student,

As part of our continued drive to improve numeracy in Mathematics at Testbourne we want students to improve the recall and fluency of their times tables.   Past experience has shown us that students who have reasonably good numeracy skills, and as part of this have good recall of their times tables, are then more able to learn new topics more effectively and are able to work at an improved pace in class and in assessments and examinations.

While we have been off school I have set up most students in years 7, 8 and 9 on the Times Tables Rock Stars website.   Some of you will have used this previously to improve your times tables and the speed and fluency of your recall of these.   

To make it easy to login as a student you have been given access using the same details as your own Mymaths Portal Login Username and Password.

This is the link to the website but read the following details below first.    then click login and school pupils.


I would like you consolidate or improve your times tables recall, particularly if you struggle a little with this aspect of your learning, by spending 10 minutes or so each day on this website.   If you do not have access to IT at home then you could possibly ask your parents to test you for a few minutes each day on your times tables especially if you are not as strong on these as you should be.

Initially you will need to login and set yourself up with a Rockstar Name and image.  You can click on Shop at the top of the screen to customise your RockStar image, a few of these customisation parts are free but for others you will only be able to select when you have earned tokens by completing times tables challenges or other challenges for fun or against a friend.

I would like you to visit the Garage initially and try to answer as many of the timetables questions as you can (for these you are given a certain amount of time).   When you have done this about 10 times over a few days, you will get a baseline speed and you can earn lifetime tokens as you go.  The system will learn about your timetables skills and adjust questions as you go in order to help you to focus and improve on those specific times tables facts where you need to.

You can also use the single player Soundtrack and Studio areas as well.  Your stats (results etc) can be seen by clicking in the top right of the screen on your RockStar name.  These details are under Stats and Charts.

If you are getting a little bored at home why not challenge another friend who is logged in by going to the Multiplayer RockSlam area.  Alternatively you can Play the World in the Festival section and earn tokens and see how you have done against others. 

As you do any of the challenges you will be accompanied by music so don't have the sound too loud and disturb your parents, who might be working or brothers or sisters who might be sleeping!

Really try to improve your times tables or just try to get quicker and make fewer mistakes if you are reasonably good already.  Use this resource as it is really good and can be quite fun.

Remember to do a small amount of times tables work perhaps each day or every other day but do it regularly as this is more effective.  Your teachers and I will be able to see how you are getting on.

If you have any problems logging in please email me and I will see if I can resolve it.

Stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Mr Chris Roll