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Schools Conference

20 Year 11 students attended an inspiring Student conference on Monday 5th November 2018 in order to raise their aspirations and help the prepare more effectively for their forthcoming GCSE exams.

The conferences have been established after Basingstoke secondary schools received considerable additional support following a successful bid to the Department of Education (DfE). Allocated from the DfE’s Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF), the money is being used to further improve GCSE education in the area, enabling more students to achieve good results in their exams. These are the foundations for further academic achievement at A level and widening training and employment opportunities when students leave secondary school at age 16. Part of the money is being used to give a small number of students the chance to take part in a learning conference. Teachers also attend the conference, in order to bring back ideas into school so that all students can benefit from these conferences. 

Article written by Amy Mallard & Megan West - School Correspondents