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Fantastic GCSE Exam Results 2019

Once again, we are incredibly proud of our students for their fantastic GCSE results. Over a third of students achieved the top grades 9-7 (A*-A) in either English or Maths. 77% achieved a ‘strong’ pass of grade 5 and above in either English or Maths and 76% achieved a grade 4 and above in both English and Maths combined.

Even though results were exceptionally high last year, other subjects enjoyed similar successes and improvements; most notable were GCSE Science (Trilogy), Biology, Chemistry and Physics which saw improvements across all thresholds, despite strong results in 2018. Students achieved 35 grade 9s, the highest possible grade, across the Sciences.  Similarly, improvements were seen across all thresholds in Music with half of our students achieving a grade 7 or above.  In Design Technology, both the proportion of students gaining the equivalent of a C grade and the percentage of children gaining an A*-A equivalent has improved by over 20 percentage points.

Across all subjects, even though this was one of our smallest year groups, a staggering total of 82 grade 9s were achieved with 15 students attaining an average of grade 8 and above.  Our star performers were Zara Crapper and Emile Ivonciute who both achieved nine grade 9s and two grade 8s.  The following students all performed exceptionally well: Holly Gilmour (7 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 1 x L2 Distinction), Jamie Douglas (5 x 9s, 4 x 8s, 2 x 7s), Ruby McGivern (5 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 3 x 7s) and Emily Watson (6 x 9s, 4 x 8s).  Ben Bendig and Hannah Kearsey were our highest performers, in terms of progress made since key stage 2.

Headteacher, Jon Beck, said, “Once again I was impressed by the attitudes that Year 11 students showed towards their exams and am delighted that they will now reap the rewards.  I am incredibly proud of our hardworking staff and students and feel extremely fortunate to be the Headteacher of our wonderful school.  I wish all our students every success in the next stage of their education.”