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Harvest Festival 2019

On Friday 25th October, Testbourne Community School held our annual assembly for Harvest Festival. We had an amazing amount of food and toiletries donated for the Andover Food Bank by our students, 1186 items in total! Each tutor group was tasked to design a box to hold these items. The most interesting and creative design was selected as the winner and the most items donated in a house went towards a House competition. We had amazing creations such as a large tractor, a sparkly pumpkin, a pineapple and a moving train! The winner of the decorated box was 10-4 who designed a large green dragon for Oak House! The winner of the most items donated was Ash house with an astonishing 469 items donated! Thank you to all the students and staff at Testbourne for the donations to Andover Food Bank.

 - E.Parry, House Champion