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Telephone – 01256 892261  or  g

Micheldever Road, Whitchurch, Hampshire. RG28 7JF



Do I need to do an induction before joining the Fitness gym?

Yes you do need to do an induction before you can join. All gyms are different and equipment does vary. We also need to undertake a medical questionnaire and complete other paperwork including your photo ID card, in addition to arranging your payment and Direct Debit.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No we currently don’t ask for a minimum contract length.

I have lost my gym card do I need a new one?

Yes this has your photo ID  and allows individual access to the Gym so you must bring it with you at all times. This helps us monitor how many people are attending, whilst also ensuring that only paying members can access the facilities.  If you do lose it you need to arrange for a new one to be issued. These cost £5.00 per card.

Does my booking include VAT?

All bookings include VA unless stated otherwise

What time can I book the venue to?

Our premises license allows us to ‘open’ until 10pm Mon- Friday and 11.30pm at weekends. All activities such as music, dance and alcohol consumption must finish by these times.

Is the school open all year round?

Yes we open for 51 weeks of the year, with Christmas week the only planned closure. During this time we do open the fitness gym on revised hours, subject to staffing levels and how the days fall. We do also close on bank holidays. Other unplanned closures (such as snow) do occasionally happen but the school management will contact you, should this situation occur.