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Staffing and Role

Miss Parry Teacher of Dance

Vision Statement

Dance at Testbourne gives students the opportunity to work physically, creatively and intellectually. The subject is also key to improving life skills such as team work, commitment, dedication and above all confidence. Dance is accessible to anyone who is willing to open their minds to it.

Dance is part of the Performing Arts faculty.

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7

In Year 7 the students are taught the 5 basic body actions; jump, turn, gesture, travel and stillness. The focus of the SOW is on Martin Luther King. The students look into the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the famous speech by MLK. We use to the text of the speech and images to choreograph movement as well as perform movement taught by Miss Parry.

After 5/6 weeks on the MLK topic the students then move onto a SOW based on pedestrian movements. The stimulus for movement is taken from things people do in everyday life when in a city. The students are challenged to perform more difficult movements taught by Miss Parry in a duet, and their creativity is pushed to create and develop original movement.

Year 8

In Year 8 the students explore contact work. The SOW looks at how people react in different emotions, and more specifically an argument. They will learn how to perform contact movements safely and with control.

After 5/6 weeks on The Argument SOW the students then move onto exploring different cultural dances. In particular the students will look at Bollywood dance and how it tells a narrative with the movements.

KS4 Curriculum

GCSE Dance Option

In Year 9 the students will explore 6 professional dance works every half term. They analyse all features of the piece (set, costume, lighting, sound, movement) and how they contribute to communicating the dance idea. This is key for the dance exam paper (which the students sit at the end of year 11).

AQA have set 4 solo phrases that are all 30 seconds in length. 2 have been selected by Miss Parry to be taught as a solo. The other 2 will be used to develop and choreograph a duet or trio. This will take place in Year 10.

In Year 11 the students begin to look at choreographing their own work. The students are given an exam paper which has a list of stimuli they can pick from. They then begin rehearsing with their dancers to choreograph a work which communicates their chosen stimulus. At the end of Year 11 is their final written exam paper.

Exam Results 2017

  • 50% A* - A
  • 100% A* - C
  • 100% of students gained 3+ Levels of Progress
  • (Please note these results were from BTEC Dance not the new specification of GCSE Dance as stated in the Curriculum for KS4)

Extra-curricular Information

  • Spectrum Dance Company (KS4 G&T)
  • KS3 Dance Club
  • First Impulse - Boys Dance Company

Quotes from students

"I love dance at Testbourne because Miss Parry thinks it doesn’t matter if you’re bad - you are good in your own way. It showed me that if we push ourselves, we can be amazing." Joe Year 7

"Dance is my favourite subject because you are moving about and the teacher gives the time to focus on you." Matthew Year 7

"Dance has really helped me improve my confidence and taught me that resilience is key." Keri Year 10