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How do I Join?


Laptop/Desktop (including Mac)

1. Please click the Live Event link above or on our "Virtual Open Evening 2020" page:

2. The following screen will show up in your web browser:

3. Please click on "Watch on the web instead":

4. You will now receive a "Welcome to the live event" page. Please click on "Join anonymously":

5. Enjoy our Virtual Open Evening Live Event!

Mobile Phone/Tablet

These screenshots have been taken from an Android phone. The instructions will be the same for an iOS device.

1. Please click the Live Event link found above or on our "Virtual Open Evening 2020" page:

2. This page will show:

If you don't already have Teams, you will need to click the link to the appropriate app store to download it for free. In the screenshot above, you can see the link to "Google Play". For iOS devices, you will see a link to the Apple App Store.

3. Once you have downloaded and installed the Teams app, go back to your browser and click "Open It"

4. The following screen will show. Please select "Join Meeting". (On iOS you may be prompted to "Join as guest" or "Sign in" - please click "Join as guest":

5. You will be prompted to enter your name. We would recommend using your initials instead of your full name. Then select "Join Meeting"

6. You will now enter the live event. As indicated by the yellow square, clicking on this will open the Q&A to allow you to ask questions throughout the evening.

7. Enjoy our Virtual Open Evening Live Event!