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PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers & Friends Association and as a charity we raise funds for the much needed equipment and facilities at our school. The committee is made up of both parents and teachers at Testbourne Community School. As a member of the PTFA you get to build relationships with teachers, staff, other parents & the wider community, make new friends & have some fun while helping the school to provide the best for the students.  Each year the PTFA tend to organise a Quiz Night, Christmas Craft Fair, Fun Run and TestFest, please see our news pages for further information about previous events.

Donations and Contributions

Please consider attending one of our fundraising events in the future or making a one-off or regular donation.

The PTFA enables Testbourne to continue to improve the school environment and to buy equipment and resources to support students’ learning and development. Some recent examples include:

  • Canteen Kiosk (£6,990)
  • Library (£7,462)
  • Art Department Printing Press (£167)
  • Theatre Hall Stage Lighting (£600)
  • Maths books (£1,200)
  • Science Equipment (£3,050)
  • PE Equipment (£1,000)
  • RE books (£160)
  • Picnic benches (£900)
  • Library books (£1,648)

100 Club

Our fundraiser formerly known as ‘50/50 Club’ has had a big brand makeover and is now known as ‘100 Club’.  Not only does this sound cooler but it more accurately represents what the club is all about.

There are 100 places in the club and each member is assigned a number from 1-100.  Each participant pays £4 per month by standing order, this entitles them to be entered into the monthly draw, when two numbers are picked.  The 1st Prize is £100 and the 2nd Prize is £50. 

The draw takes place at the end of each month, or near to it as possible.  Winners will be posted on the PTFA Facebook page and here on the school website. 

A few numbers have recently become available due to participants moving on as their children have gone to college.  If you are interested in joining the 100 Club, please read the further detail and send the application form below.  New members will be given a choice of the numbers remaining.

Recent Winners


100 Club Winners 2019-2020

  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 8 16
Name S Clarke H Archer
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 19 32
Name Z Taylor L Rattue
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 21 91
Name C Burson Z Taylor
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 24 69
Name A Ricketts J Fowles
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 26 73
Name A Tuffnell S Monk
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 86 88
Name C Jones E Lewis
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 4 55
Name M Bundy Cousins
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 97 42
Name J Lloyd T Redstall
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 45 70
Name M Holland S Hutchings
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 6 61
Name L Harley Z Taylor
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 34 79
Name M Milne C Cook
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 83 13
Name C Rosevear A Dennis



100 Club Winners 2019

  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 36 83
Name Bridge Rosevear
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 13 75
Name Dennis Baron
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 16 26
Name Archer Tuffnell
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 3 12
Name Kelly Cranstone
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 24 6
Name Ricketts Harley
  1st Prize  2nd Prize
Number 1 56
Name Gerhard Morley


For more information please contact


The PTFA committee make an extremely positive contribution to our school, not only in fundraising, but in organising all the various events which helps to bring the school and local community together. In order to continue this work, they are always looking for people to join them and help assist in any way. Please contact for more information.